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Server status checker tool offered by Dupli Checker is able to check the perfect status of a particular website.

Server Response Time

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About Check Server Response Time

To find out the server response time, refer to webmaster panels. The HTTP status code should be 200 OK, and the server response time should be no more than 200 ms. Ideally, it is recommended to make this indicator another 4 times less

What is server response time?

Server reaction time is that the amount of your time required to load the HTML document of an internet site from a server in order that the client can begin rendering the page. Without an honest server reaction time , the HTML document will take longer to load. If the HTML document isn't loaded, meaning the browser won't know what other resources are going to be required so as to display the page properly.

As you run several speed tests, you'll see a small variation within the TTFB number, however, for the foremost part, it should be more or less consistent. Slight variations are often caused by a spread of things that affect latency. Although, if you're experiencing significant differences, this might indicate a more severe underlying performance issue.

How to improve server response time

In the previous section we discussed things that affect server response times. during this section, we'll be addressing those concerns and explaning how you'll begin improving the reaction time of your own server